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Finding The Right Printer for Your Business

You might have been one of those people who thought that by 2018 there will be no use for printers or paper, but printers are not going anywhere any time soon. Every office still has the need to document nearly everything – contracts, agreements, arrangements and more. When you are seeking for the perfect printer to serve your office, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How fast do you need it to print?
  2. How much do you and your colleagues print?
  3. Will black and white be enough?
  4. How many work in the same work space?
  5. Do you need any other functions besides printing?

People may be using less paper, but the need for print is still here, and not only that, there are more advanced printers these days that make it even more confusing to choose the right one. We are here to help you find the one that will suit your business needs and daily routine.

Here are a Few Considerations That Will Help You Out!

  • Size: How big is your office? Do you really need a huge printer to jam the way? If you are an art studio, you probably need a big printer that will print out your designs in very high quality. However, if you work at a law firm, you only need a printer that will print out as fast as possible contracts, drafts and agreement so you will need a smaller printer. In addition, if you have many workers, you wouldn’t want to take to whole work space and fill it with printers, so smaller printer for each computer will be easier and more comfortable.
  • Speed: As we explained, a printer needs to fit your office needs. There are offices who print hundreds of pages every day and copy each draft a few times for documentations. On the other hand there are offices who barely tough the printer so it doesn’t matter if it takes 10 seconds to print 1 page or 10 minutes.
  • Functions: There are many printers these days that not only print. Printers are used as fax machines, copy machines, and as a scanner. Although the multi-functional printers cost more, but they save you the time and space of getting 4 individual machine! Find out from your colleagues what is their daily routine, and figure out if a multi-functional printer is the right way to go.
  • Laser or inkjet: Laser printing used to be quite expensive  but today it is much more affordable and saves a lot of money in the future. While inkjet printers are better for images and graphics, laser printers are much faster and are perfect for office routines. An extremely busy office that needs speed, high-quality text documents and a fair cost will enjoy a laser printer.


Choosing printers for a working space can be tricky, that is why OKI developed special packages for businesses. Instead of paying money for a lot of printers and toners, offices today pay per month only for the amount of papers they use. The printer, the service and the toners are included in the price!

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