Does Your Office Need a Printer

Does Your Office Need a Printer?

From images, hard copies, contracts and daily forms, every business needs at least one basic printer in their HQ. There are so many types of printers these days – inkjet printer, laser, multi-functional printers, sticker printers and the list just keeps going on and on and on.

So to answer our first question, the answer is YES. Your business needs a printer. The question is which one?


In the past, every person who wanted to print a document from their computer, had to connect between his computer and the office printer with a cable to make that happen. Today, you don’t need to go through all this trouble! A wireless printer is connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so there is no need to plug in anything. A few computers can be connected to the same printers, and you don’t need to buy one printer for one computer.


Before buying printers to your employees, ask around what are the daily functions that they need. You might find out, that a printer may not be enough because that fax or scan many documents every day. OKI developed a multi-functional printer that solves all the office needs in one machine. The multi-functional printers scan, copy, and fax. Instead of buying four different machines that will take over the working space, simply buy one multi-functional printer.


Not every office needs colour. For example accountants print usually forms, bank statements and agreements, so there is no need for colour. On the other hand, advertising agencies and graphic designers need colour for there images, ads and art work. If you are a lawyer, a banker or a real-estate agent, it is most likely that you wont be needing any colour in your documents, so a black and white printer will do the work.

In conclusion, before you run to the nearest store to buy a printer for your business, make sure you understand what you office needs. That way you will save money, space, and energy.

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